Online training – Business English for Telephoning

Online training – Business English for Telephoning teaches you how to sequence a conversation and communicate effectively over the phone, as well as teaching you common expressions that will help you speak over the phone successfully and confidently.

Business English for Telephoning training is divided into 20 sections, each of which covers a different aspect of telephone communication. The course is designed such that the most fundamental skills are covered first. It grows more sophisticated as time goes on. The order, however, is not predetermined, and the user can select the units that are most relevant to their needs.

Realistic listening tasks provide experience in both listening comprehension and presenting language and communication skills. There are activities throughout the lessons that allow you to practice your Business English telephone skills. You’ll learn new vocabulary and idioms and you’ll get some practice with basic grammatical structures. There are listening and reading exercises that are intended to spark fascinating discussions on the unit’s subject. Astoria Group‘s interactive activities let you evaluate your learning by conducting tasks on your computer such as Useful Phrases, Vocabulary, and Communication.

Professionals and trainees in business, commerce, and administration will benefit from online training – Business English for Telephoning. People who require the ability to make and receive phone calls. It may be used in the class or for self-study.

Online training - Business English for Telephoning - speak on the telephone successfully and with confidence! Astoria GroupWhat do I learn in my Business English for Telephoning training?

In a range of exciting and relevant scenarios, telephoning in English improves and consolidates practical telephone skills. Learners will receive a full training on utilizing the telephone in English, with activities ranging from message taking and spelling practice to role play.

It’s possible that talking on the phone is a necessary component of your employment. You may only be required to make or receive phone calls in English on occasion. Every day, you may be required to speak on the phone in English, or you may be required to do so as part of a test or job interview. Your job may even depend on a phone call at times!

You will learn that increasing your telephone abilities will help you improve your overall speaking skills. Furthermore, it will help you acquire confidence and perhaps boost your self-esteem when speaking both English and your native language.


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