Online Training – Business English for Presentations

Online Training – Business English for Presentations offers you language and skills to help you create excellent English presentations. The last task is to create a well-organized, compelling presentation that advertises your city as a venue using charts and graphs.

Many various business tasks inside a company demand the ability to convey information and ideas professionally and effectively in English in a broad variety of contexts and circumstances in today’s global economy. There is a growing demand to transmit this knowledge to an international audience in English.

It is critical to be able to communicate professionally in English with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders in a clear, well-structured, and convincing manner. Making excellent English presentations has become an essential talent. The Business English for Presentations training is designed for students who have completed at least two years of formal language study and have an intermediate level of English.

Online Training - Business English for Presentations, online business english for presentationsBusiness English for Presentations – Learning Objectives

✔️ Present information in an organized and engaging way;

✔️ Share data in charts and graphs;

✔️ Use persuasive language in a presentation;

✔️ Establishing and conveying your message;

✔️ Organizing content – writing scripts, editing material and using notes to emphasize key points;

✔️ Preparing visuals – content, design, clarity;

✔️ Signposting stages;

✔️ Managing your presentation time effectively;

✔️ Cross-cultural checklist – taking into account cultural differences;

✔️ Analyzing verbal and non-verbal contributions;

✔️ Improving your confidence and stance;

✔️ Fine tuning your body language;

✔️ Delivering effective introductions;

✔️ Being persuasive;

✔️ Creating an impact;

✔️ Emphasis, repetition and softening;

✔️ Adopting clear and concise English;

✔️ Signposting language;

✔️ Pronunciation and voice work;

✔️ Articulation, intonation and stress when presenting in English;

✔️ Referring to visuals;

✔️ Making recommendations;

The Astoria Group’s online training is primarily intended for non-native English users who want to enhance their professional presentation abilities in English. The language skills covered in this course are primarily aimed at intermediate students. There are, nevertheless, several elements that any non-native English user would find useful in improving their overall professional English presentations.


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