Online Training – Business English for Negotiating

Online Training – Business English for Negotiating is designed for those who need to negotiate in English on a daily basis at work. This online course covers all of the vocabulary required to deal with common scenarios faced on the route to effective negotiations.

English for Negotiating is composed of 20 modules that cover all of the main stages of a negotiation. Each lesson focuses on a single essential feature. It is critical to begin by carefully preparing. The first round of discussions may be planned once the first goals have been established. Offers are considered in detail, and counter-offers are provided. Disagreements are settled, and a successful end is attained. The units are provided in a logical arrangement, however they can be completed in any order.

Listening is a major component of every unit in this online training, as are reading texts that give typical negotiation phrases in context. Several practice tasks, both spoken and written, provide opportunities to apply what has been learnt. The sections on useful phrases provide information on commonly used idioms.

Each lesson also includes Negotiating skills recommendations on how to use successful methods and techniques. When working with international partners, the information on intercultural skills will help you make a good impression, prevent complications, and close the sale. There are recommendations on topics such as best practice in each section, which invites thought and conversation.

Online Training - Business English for Negotiating, Astoria GroupBusiness English for Negotiating – Learning Objectives

✔️ To explore the importance of relationship building in negotiations;

✔️ To teach some relevant terms for a variety of relationship-building strategies;

✔️ To examine an example of relationship-building in practice;

✔️ To offer practice and feedback on the scenario of relationship building in a negotiation.

Business English for Negotiating contains important negotiating methods for all types of negotiations. You can also learn how to formalize communication and how to establish corporate strategic thinking. When we think of negotiations, we often focus on the difficult negotiating skills associated with bargaining. Indeed, many skilled negotiators will agree that excellent relationship building is the most critical talent.

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