Online Training – Business English for Meetings

The Online Training – Business English for Meetings provides you with all of the communication skills you need to confidently participate in a meeting. Astoria Group‘s brief yet comprehensive training comprises the terms required in ordinary everyday business meetings – from informal talks to formal meetings.

Participating in a meeting may be a significant difficulty for non-native speakers and might create some nervousness. When may you make a contribution, and how should you phrase it? When is it OK to ask questions, and what happens if you have to manage the meeting? What about taking down the minutes?

Online Training - Business English for Meetings, Astoria GroupBusiness English for Meetings – Learning Objectives

Business English for Meetings is divided into 20 modules that cover various topics that you can encounter in a meeting. Unit 1 explains how to organize a meeting and provides terms for delaying a meeting. Following that, other key subjects are discussed, such as the use of small chat at the start of a meeting. You will study how to initiate a meeting, how to express yourself, and how to intervene. Grammar revisions are covered in Units 16–20.

English for Meetings contains important expressions for both the meeting’s chairperson and the other attendees. You may also learn how to create an agenda and prepare minutes for formal and casual meetings. Business English classes are designed for those who work in an office.

This course will teach you meeting participation vocabulary and techniques. You will learn vocabulary and phrases for arranging, participating in, and concluding meetings through email and speech. This course’s objectives are to prepare you to participate successfully in on-site meetings and teleconferences. It will also help you prepare to draft a proposal as a result of a meeting.


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