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Online Turkish Course for Beginners – Level A1
Online Turkish course for beginners from Astoria Group Language Center.
Learn a new language, recharge with confidence, and new knowledge! Become part of the students of our online language learning platform.

Each student enrolled in an online Turkish language course has the opportunity to get acquainted with the Turkish language, to build skills in free text conversations in Turkish, and to overcome their language barrier. Each Turkish language course, depending on the level of education, is created by an interactive method that allows you to learn the language conveniently and easily understood, as you plan your time to visit and at the same time have communication with a teacher. In each online Turkish language course, we have included daily topics for discussion that involve us in different situations.

Online Turkish lessons contain various images, audio recordings, and videos that recreate real situations. Each student who has chosen to study an online Turkish language course for beginners has the opportunity to exercise their knowledge, and we have specially prepared additional exercises with tasks.
Knowledge makes us more motivated and ready to conquer new heights. Make the right choice and become part of our online Turkish language training. We offer you the opportunity to be one step ahead of the rest.
During your Turkish language course, you will gradually and gradually learn key grammatical and lexical rules, you will learn many new words and you will develop basic communication skills.
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What does each student who enrolls in an online Turkish course receive and have access to?

Summary of “Online Turkish Language Course for Beginners – Level A1”
• 70 lessons in Italian presenting the techniques for handling Turkish speech interestingly and intuitively;
• Opportunity to practice what you have learned with the help of additional interactive exercises;
• 180 days (6 months) unlimited access to all lessons and exercises;
• Obtaining a certificate for the covered language level after successfully passing an exam at the end of the training.

We look forward to seeing you online!
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