Language courses and trainings – Astoria Group Language Center

Astoria Group Language Center organizes language courses and trainings in group training format. Group trainings take place on pre-fixed days and time, with students ranging from 3 to 12 people in a group. The positive relationship teacher – student, as well as between the students themselves is a necessary condition for optimizing the educational results. A key role in creating such relationships is the ambition and resourcefulness of our lecturers to find and apply the appropriate approach to each client. The specific in group training is the benefit of collective activity. Each student communicates with the others in the language studied, listens to them speaking, which helps the memorization process. Group training allows new knowledge to be learned and practiced in an environment closest to the natural one – students have the opportunity to recreate specific situations from everyday life, which stimulates the commucation and the exchange of information in a foreign language. Discussions, group projects and role plays are included in the learning process.

Individual training  is a convenient option tailored to your personal preferences. You progress at your own pace and you are in constant contact with the teacher. One of the advantages of the individual training is the opportunity faster and easier to overcome the difficulty of learning grammar and vocabulary with exercises and practice. We offer different packages of 20, 30, 45 or 60 hours, according to the customer’s preferences and needs, as well as combined training which inludes studying specialized terminology and vocabulary.


Combined training includes the advantages and conveniences of individual and group trainings. You have the opportunity to combine the dynamics of the group training with your preferences and tempo in individual hours. Make the most of group lessons through live dialogue and practical exercises by combining it with the teacher’s ambition to deliver the intricacies of language into individual lessons.
The packages we offer are consisted of 70 or 80 school hours and include one individual and two group lessons weekly.


What language courses and trainings do we offer?

езикови курсове асториа груп


  • plenty of schedules for every preference
  • additional consultations
  • a complete set of the necessary study materials
  • packages consisted of 60 hours / whole level
  • studying and building grammatical rules
  • forming and practicing the correct pronunciation
  • huge vocabulary 
  • groups of 3 to 12 students

езикови курсове индивидуално обучение асториа груп


  • packages of 60/45/30/20 hours
  • free schedule according to your preferences
  • a combination with specific terminology as per student’s choice
  • practicing and building all the intricacies
  • brainstorming
  • purposeful training created entirely according to your wishes and needs

езикови и компютърни курсове - Езиков Център Асториа Груп


  • the convenience of individual learning
  • the convenience of group training
  • combination of training with specific vocabulary and practice in a certain profession 
  • get the most out of the language 
  • packages of 60/70/80 hours
  • groups of 3-12 students


Казват, че има много начини да научим чужд език, но това е маркетингова стратегия. Ние знаем - за да проговорим е нужно време и спокойна обстановка, нужни са упражнения и преговор, необходимо е специален подход към всеки клиент.


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