Astoria Group offers the following German Language courses:


The teaching material in the German courses offered by us includes many reading, listening and discussion texts that are of interest to the students and they are willing and willing to participate in the discussions. It goes through everyday topics – food and drink, health, sports, work, family, shopping, reservations in restaurants / hotels, time, travel, etc., talking on specific issues. The methodology used to present the curriculum is aimed at maintaining high motivation throughout the course and acquiring skills for effective communication. German language courses are distributed according to the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Language Center “Astoria Group” successfully prepares students for the use of language in different professional spheres. Whether you need Business German, German in Hotel and Restaurant, Technical German, Medical German or a Preparation Sessions Exam, we will help you. The courses are based on the communicative method, with role plays, presentations and conversations, you are preparing for the dynamic and competitive world of business. We have an ambitious team of qualified teachers whose sole purpose is to pass their knowledge to you! The German courses offered by us are entirely in line with your initial level

За кого е подходящ този курс? За всеки, който изпитва непреодолима бариера, страх от употребата на немски език! Курсовете по разговорен немски ви дават увереност, самочувствие и лекота на изказа в ежедневни ситуации , като срещи с хора, пазаруване, пътуване, ресторант, резервация и настаняване в хотел  и много други. Методът, заложен в програмата на обучение е интерактивният метод. Чрез разиграване на множество ситуации и с помощта на видео и аудио материали Вие учите ефективно и с лекота, като неусетно забравяте за езиковата си бариера. Всички, предлагани от Езиков Център Асториа Груп, курсове немски език, са изцяло съобразени с входящото ниво на познания на курсистите.

The future of our children depends on our actions today! Astoria Group organizes German language courses for children and adolescents. It is a well-known fact that language is most easily learned at an early age. We work in small groups, in a pleasant atmosphere, and our experienced teachers plan the grain of love for language in the hearts of children. With songs, games, and interactive movies, they literally absorb language, culture, and pronunciation

The German courses offered by us are based on the age group and language proficiency of the students. For more information, contact us.

курсове по немски език варна, курсове немски, курсове по немски език, курсове по немски

The Astoria Group Training Center provides training for both adults and children, and students, from beginners to certification levels. We organize courses in General German, Business German, German in Hotel and Catering, Technical German, Preparation for TestDaf, ZSD, ZOP.

All courses take place in three possible forms of group training, individual form or combined course. You can make a request by using the contact form or the indicated phones.

Group training in German

On the Schedule page you can find more information about the dates of the starting German language courses, their duration, and the cost.

Individual courses in German

Why choose an individual German language training plan?

  • Freely selectable schedule.
  • Ability to combine training at the level of the Common European language framework + vocabulary and overall utterance of a profession
  • Opportunity for combined learning through lectures + online platform.
  • Individual focus on your preferences.
  • Ability to cover two levels simultaneously.
  • Training on individual plans

Online training in German

Courses in specialized German

  • Preparation for certification exams at the Goethe Institute
  • Business German for phone calls
  • Business German for holding meetings / conferences
  • Business German for e-mail / conducting written communication
  • Business German for presentations
  • Business German for negotiations

Benefits of online German courses

курсове по английски език варнаInternet access

This gives you the opportunity to learn at the most appropriate time – you determine when. Choose the most convenient place for you – online training can also take place in your home!

Онлайн курс по немски език ниво А2Plenty of comprehensive video demonstrations

In each of the modules, you have quality captured and fully comprehensive video lessons available. This is our way to make online learning extremely enjoyable for you and at the same time clarify every aspect of the material you have covered.

онлайн курс по английски а2, онлайн курс по английски b1, онлайн английски b1Talking to a teacher

Your lecturer is available for all your questions about online learning! Do not bother, ask!

обучение по немски език, курсове по немски език, курсове по немски език варна, курсове немски варнаAccess from any device

Thanks to the latest technology, you will be able to pass the lessons, in your  German classes, through mobile phones and tablets. This advantage of the training opens up many interesting opportunities in front of you – enjoy them!

онлайн английски език, онлайн английски език за начинаещи, онлайн английски а2, онлайн руски език за начинаещи, онлайн немски език а2Detailed and complete lessons + exercises

We have made the lessons clear and comprehensive. Everything in them happens  “step by step”, accompanied by the appropriate visualization. Meanwhile, we have also taken care of your practical work.

онлайн курс по английски езикFree certificate

Unlike many of our colleagues, we will issue you a pass rate certificate absolutely for free! It will be at your disposal as soon as you have successfully completed your training!

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