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             In general, there are 3 CV types in terms of structure:
  1.       Chronological appearance — it is most often used when applying for a job. Does the job when the candidate develops professionally in one specialty. The data in the period sections are presented in reverse chronological order from the present to the past. After the personal data, information on education (period, type of education, institution, obtained degree) is presented. After the educational levels, the candidate’s career is presented (again in reverse chronological order). It should include a period, company name, type of job (position), in some cases it is also required to record the name of the form manager (for reference). The next sections provide information about the applicant’s interests, achievements, qualifications, and prestigious awards, as well as a list of recommendations received from previous employers or authoritative persons.
  2.       Target type— serves people with a wealth of professional experience who apply for a higher position in the same field. The main purpose of the resume is to draw attention to the candidate’s specific capabilities, including the ideas the applicant has for his future work. In this type of CV, the candidate presents his / her educational and professional development only in the field of application.
  3.       Functional appearance — it is used if the candidate has insufficient experience and submits work papers in which he mainly emphasizes his motivation, qualities, and ideas with which he wants to attract the attention of the employer.
The motivation letter is not a snap, but a good opportunity to “win” the employer on your side. Often, it is crucial when choosing a candidate to be interviewed.
The motivation letter aims to convince the employer that you have the necessary skills and abilities and are willing and ready to take up the position you are applying for. A well-founded motivation letter can compensate for some weak points in your resume – inadequate work experience, lack of a diploma for given skills.
Why should I provide a cover letter?
  1. To point out specific examples of your skills and experience – where and when they are acquired and used, and how you relate to the specific job you are applying for.
  2. To highlight your strengths and how you can contribute to the future success of the company.
  3. To include additional information that is not present in your resume.
  4. To motivate your desire and motivation to work in a specific company.
  5. To distinguish yourself from other candidates and “grab” the attention of the employer to invite you to an interview.

Language Center Astoria Group offers written and oral translations to:

    • Specialized texts in various fields: medicine, pharmacy, law, information technology
    • Artistic texts
    • Technical documentation
    • Commercial documentation – faxes, declarations
    • Keeping corporate and personal correspondence with guaranteed confidentiality
    • Translation of web sites
    • Translation of seminars

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The translation request is made in writing by e-mail or in the office of Astoria Group Language Center

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The language used for translation
The terminology of the translation text, purpose of the translation
  • Deadline
  • Terminology /customer consultation requirements (required for interpreting)
  • Reading abbreviations in the text
  • How to get the finished document (via email / courier)



Creating a CV / Cover Letter


up to 3 / three / days :

Bulgarian language – 19 BGN

English – 28 BGN

Russian – 28 BGN

German – 28 BGN

French – 28 BGN

Spanish – 28 BGN


Up to 1 / one / day :

Bulgarian language – 24 BGN

English – 32 BGN

Russian – 32 BGN

German – 32 BGN

French – 32 BGN

Spanish – 32 BGN


Up to 4 / four / hours :

Bulgarian language – 30 BGN

English – 50 BGN

Russian – 50 BGN

German – 50 BGN

French – 50 BGN

Spanish – 50 BGN




Documents translation
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up to 3 / three / days :

Bulgarian language – 10 BGN

English – 17 BGN

Russian – 17 BGN

German – 17 BGN

French – 17 BGN

Spanish – 17 BGN


Up to 1 / one / day :

Bulgarian language – 20 BGN

English – 24 BGN

Russian – 24 BGN

German – 24 BGN

French – 24 BGN

Spanish – 24 BGN


Up to 4 / four / hours :

Bulgarian language – 30 BGN

English – 44 BGN

Russian – 44 BGN

German – 44 BGN

French – 44 BGN

Spanish – 44 BGN.

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