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Online German language course – level A2 The Online German language course – level A2 offered by Astoria Group Language …

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Online German language course - level A2

The Online German language course - level A2 offered by Astoria Group Language Center gives you the opportunity to upgrade the already learned basics from the initial level A1. Comparison of objects and persons, use of synonyms and antonyms, comparative and superlative degree of adjectives, as well as revision of the tenses of the verbs from the previous level - this and much more you will learn by going through the 70 lessons of the course. You will improve your way of expression after a more detailed and in-depth study of vocabulary and grammar in the current German language course - level A2 This online German language course - level A2 is intended for students who have studied German or have a minimum knowledge of the language. During our online German language training level A2 you will get acquainted with everyday situations and learn techniques for keeping business correspondence. The exercises in the current German language course contain interactive exercises. Content includes videos, audio recordings, additional self-assessment exercises and a combination of images. All this will be presented in an accessible and easy to understand way, as in all our other trainings. Your speaking and writing skills will continue to develop at the same smooth pace as you move from one lecture to the next. During your online training in German - level A2, you will gradually and gradually consolidate grammatical, key and lexical rules. All exercises and tests included here are checked automatically. You have the opportunity to test your knowledge and take each exercise, interactive video and test repeatedly.

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• 70 lessons, presenting the material in a fascinating and intuitive way; • additional interactive exercises in German, presenting the techniques for handling German speech in an interesting and intuitive way; • The information in the lessons is presented through presentations and interactive videos; • Opportunity to practice what you have learned. Additional video exercises available in an individual video library; • 180 days (6 months) unlimited access to all lessons, exercises, interactive videos and tests; • opportunity for internal, forum or group communication with other students and teachers; • Obtaining a certificate for the covered language level. (After successfully passing an exam at the end of the training.)

Немски език - ниво А2What to expect after completing the online course "German - level A2":

• Confidence in communicating in the workplace • Confidence in conversations on everyday topics - work, family, daily routine, hobbies and interests, dreams, future plans and more. others • Confidence in written expression

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