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Astoria Group – Official training provider

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Astoria Group Training Center is an official provider of Key Competence Training: KC2 – Communication in Foreign Language / Language Learning – English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian / CC4 – Digital Competence / Office Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint; Internet; WordPress, Opencart /.

The key competencies commonly referred to as “CC”, are one of the types of completely free courses whereby a micro, small or macro enterprise could subscribe members of the staff under the Human Resource Development Program.

Your company is approved and have employees to train? Below you will find important information about choosing a training provider and the documentation to be filled in by both sides. For additional questions and inquiries, you can contact us here.

Training Providers OPHRD 2014-2020
I. The right to provide training against vouchers has a TD which meets the requirements of Article 9 of the Decree of the Council of Ministers No 280/2015 and is included in the list under Article 7 of Decree-Law No 280/2015.
II. Drawing up and presenting training sessions for conducting training
2.1. In the course of training, the training provider is obliged, within 7 (seven) working days prior to the start of the training, to introduce in the electronic platform a schedule and a list of the participants in the training (an integral part of the schedule) with all the requisites filled in (name, surname, last name of the learner and PIN of the person (s) (Appendix 5).

Every person is required to pass a K2 entry test – if he/she has studied a foreign language for more than 300 hours or KC4 – if he/she has studied computer science and/or information technology. The entry level is marked by the TB in the notification section of each person as well as in the platform.

While conducting the training, the DIB introduces the training information on the platform and confirms it at least 7 (seven) days before the start of the training. Information to the LBT (including a list of persons and scheduling) is sent through the platform.

2.2. If a change of schedule is required, TB shall be required to make the adjustment in the platform at least one working day before the actual change occurs. Information to the LBT (including a list of persons and scheduling) is sent through the platform.

2.3. Training schedules must be filled in with all the requisites in the platform.

2.4. The training hours per theory and practice per day are determined according to the criteria of the respective operation and the applicable regulations.

2.5. When conducting vocational training courses, it is mandatory to monitor the ratio of practical and theoretical hours. The number of classes for practical training is not less than the number of theoretical training hours.

2.6. Breaks between classes and their duration are not less than 10 minutes and must be stated in the schedule. In cases where the training is conducted without rest and this is agreed between TB / training providers /trainees, this information is indicated as a note in the schedule.

2.7. The schedule for the training of employees in the target group should be in line with the working time /work schedule of the persons.

2.8. The syllabuses must contain information on the date and time for the exam.

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