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езикови и компютърни обучения1. We prepare statistics on each student of Language Center Astoria Group on the results achieved.


2. We will meet you with professionalism, correct attitude,  quality. And at the end, you will find out that these are not just words.



3. We respect the personal budget


4. We work 12/7 to be available whenever you need us

Language Center Astoria Group


Language Center Astoria Group is fully oriented towards improving the services offered on the market. We know how valuable your time is and try to use it well!

We offer a variety of:

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  • We are able to move quickly to new markets, opportunities, administrative systems, change, adapt and be flexible according to the wishes of each student. We know how to satisfy you, to be close to you and to cooperate fully.


  • We are able to assume responsibility, to have a result-oriented work style, and discipline-friendly, to keep our promises, to have the ability to work according to the highest professional standards.


  • We are capable of forming partnerships of all kinds – with management, government, to create a new culture that will be the brand in the eyes of customers, employees and investors, to have common goals and transparency on the business vision. Here, in Astoria Group, we develop new training methods, new business development models, new innovative online platforms and product innovations.


  • We, as an organization, are able to learn from successes and failures, generate and use ideas that work over time, geographic regions, business units, and functional areas. We use the latest trends in in-and out-of-company technology and respect nature and the world around us by separating, planting, and preferring electronic media rather than a piece of paper. We organize social activities and help children and orphans in need. We offer foreign language and computer training for disadvantaged children and children left without parental care.


  • We are able to identify the qualities and results of the leaders of the future in order to create a leadership brand, as well as invest in the ways to create one. We at Language Center Astoria Group are capable of delivering quality in everything we do, investing in process and product quality, sharing an overview of capacity and continual improvement. We create synergy between the different parts of our business to make the total greater than the sum of its individual parts both at the organizational level and at the team level.


  • We are confident that we have a competent and committed staff at all levels of the company

Our partners:

certa medical, работа за лекари и медици


Certa Medical – Certa Medical – a reliable partner in the professional realization of medical professionals in Germany.

Certa GmbH is a German firm for employment in the medical field.

We offer the following services, which are
completely free
for you:

  • Consultations on the following topics:
  • Required documents for the recognition of your education in Germany
  • Translation and legalization of the necessary documents from Bulgaria
  • Requirements for beginning a job in Germany
  • Language Courses and Exam Institutions
  • Preparation for a professional exam in GermanyCerta medical работа за лекари и медици с немски език
  • We take full responsibility for the recognition of qualifications in Germany.
  • For doctors who have completed their education in a Member of the European Union, we pay 100% of the cost of the preparatory course and the state fee for examining the application for approbation in Germany.
  • Nurses, midwives, and laboratory assistants take full responsibility for the costs of document submission and recognition of qualifications in Germany.
  • We pay all necessary transportation and accommodation costs when interviewing employers in Germany.
  • After recognizing your qualification in Germany, we guarantee you interesting and lucrative job offers in hospitals in a region of your choice, as well as in your specialty.
  • After successfully passing an interview, you will receive a contract with German employment relationships and pay in line with German law.
  • We will assist you in finding and renting a suitable home, as well as in kindergarten or school for your children.
  • Full support with information and guidance on the first formalities in Germany. Registration, health insurance, bank account, medical union, pension scheme, etc.
  • Throughout the application process and after starting work, you will be taken care of by our associate, who will answer all the urgent questions and problems.

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