Business English for Telephoning

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Business English for Telephoning offers you training in how to sequence a conversation and in strategies for communicating by telephone, as well as teaching typical expressions that will allow you to speak on the telephone successfully and with confidence.

English for Telephoning consists of 20 units that each deal with specific areas related to communicating by telephone. The course is structured so that the more basic skills are dealt with at the beginning of the book and it becomes progressively more advanced. However, the sequence is not fixed and the user can choose the units most relevant to their needs. There are realistic listening exercises which offer practice in listening comprehension as well as presenting language and communication strategies. Throughout the units, there are exercises that allow you to review your telephone English, learn new expressions and vocabulary, or to practice core grammatical structures. There are listening and reading activities designed to generate interesting conversations related to the theme of the unit. The Interactive exercises provided by Astoria Group let you review your learning by doing Useful Phrases, Vocabulary, and Communication exercises on your computer.

Учебен план на курса

Unit 1
Telephoning in Business English 00:20:00
Unit 2
Telephone connection 00:40:00
Telephone connection:Exercises 00:30:00
Telephone connection: Listening 00:30:00
Unit 3
Can I help you 00:20:00
Unit 4
Clarification 00:30:00
Clarification: Exercises 00:30:00
Clarification: Listening 00:30:00
Unit 5
Successful Telephone Conversation (part 1) 00:20:00
Unit 6
Continuous communication 00:30:00
Continuous communication: Exercises 00:20:00
Continuous communication: Listening 00:00:00
Unit 7
Successful Telephone Conversation (part 2) 00:20:00
Unit 8
Telephone arrangements 00:30:00
Telephone arrangements: Exercises 00:30:00
Telephone arrangements: Listening 00:30:00
Unit 9
Successful Telephone Conversation (part 3) 00:20:00
Unit 10
Successful Telephone Conversation (part 4) 00:20:00
Unit 11
Dealing with complaints 00:40:00
Dealing with complaints: Exercises 00:30:00
Dealing with complaints: Listening 00:30:00
Unit 12
Talking To A Difficult Customer 00:20:00
Unit 13
Discussing possibilities 00:30:00
Discussing possibilities: Exercises 00:30:00
Discussing possibilities: Listening 00:30:00
Unit 14
Successful Telephone Conversation (part 5) 00:20:00
Unit 15
Guidelines for telephone use 00:30:00
Unit 16
Successful Telephone Conversation (part 6) 00:20:00
Unit 17
Telephone etiquette skills 00:35:00
Unit 18
Cold Calling – Nail The First 20 Seconds 00:20:00
Unit 19
Revision 00:30:00
Unit 20
Handling Sales Calls 00:20:00
Business English for Telephoning – Test 00:20:00

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