Business English for Presentations

This course teaches you language and techniques that will help you make effective presentations in English. The final task is to develop a well-organized, persuasive presentation using charts and graphs that sells your city as a venue.

The course focuses on students who have an intermediate level of English, with a minimum of two years of formal language study.

Course Learning Objectives

• Present information in an organized and engaging way
• Share data in charts and graphs
• Use persuasive language in a presentation

This course is primarily designed for non-native English users who want to improve their professional email writing skills in English. The language skills reviewed in this course are mainly targeted for intermediate level. However, there are many items that any non-native English user will find helpful to improve their overall professional email communication.

4 Записани участници
  • Профилна снимка на Anna-Maria Dionisieva
  • Профилна снимка на Kristiyana Penkova
  • Профилна снимка на Darina Dobreva
  • Профилна снимка на Desislava Simeonova

Учебен план на курса

Lesson 1
Let’s get started 00:40:00
Let’s get started – exercises 00:40:00
Lesson 2
Opening a presentation 00:40:00
How to present 00:05:00
Lesson 3
Organization 00:40:00
Organization – exercises 00:40:00
Lesson 4
Today’s topic is… 00:40:00
Lesson 5
Presentation Tips 00:40:00
Presentation Tips – exercises 00:40:00
Lesson 6
Organize the presentation 00:40:00
Lesson 7
My next slide shows… 00:40:00
Lesson 8
The rule of six 00:40:00
The rule of six – exercises 00:40:00
Lesson 9
Opinions and graphs… 00:40:00
Lesson 10
Highlighting information 00:40:00
Lesson 11
Non-Verbal Communication 00:40:00
Lesson 12
Talking about trends (1) 00:40:00
Lesson 13
Effective Speaking 00:40:00
Lesson 14
Talking about trends (2) 00:40:00
Lesson 15
Self-Presentation in Presentations 00:40:00
Lesson 16
To sum up… 00:40:00
Lesson 17
Conclusions 00:40:00
Lesson 18
How to present well? 00:40:00
Lesson 19
Any questions? (1) 00:40:00
Lesson 20
Any questions? (2) 00:40:00
Business English for Presentations Test 00:20:00

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