Business English for Negotiating

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Business English for Negotiating is aimed at people who regularly need to negotiate in English at work. This online course provides all the language needed to handle the typical scenarios encountered on the way to successful negotiations.

English for Negotiating consists of 20 units, covering all the typical stages of a negotiation. Every unit concentrates on one fundamental aspect. At the outset, it is important to prepare thoroughly . After the initial goals have been determined , the first round of negotiations can be organized. Detailed offers are discussed  and counter-offers are presented . Difference are resolved and finally a successful conclusion can be reached . The units are presented in a logical structure, but can be worked through in any order.

In this course provided by Astoria Group, listening is a core component of every unit, as are reading texts, which present typical negotiating terms in context. Numerous practice exercises, both spoken and written,offer the opportunity to put what has been learned to use. The Useful phrases parts advise on common used idioms. Every unit also contains a Negotiating skills  tips on employing effective strategies and  techniques. The Intercultural skills information gives advice on creating a good impression, avoiding problems, and closing the deal, when working with foreign partners. In every unit there are tips on themes such as best practice, which encourages reflection and discussion.

Business English for Negotiating –  Course Learning Objectives

  • To discuss the importance of building relationships in negotiations;
  • To teach some useful phrases for a range of relationship-building techniques;
  • To analyse an example of relationship-building in practice;
  • To provide practice and feedback of the situation of building a relationship in a negotiation.

Business English for Negotiating includes useful tactics for every type of negotiation. You can also find out how to communicate formally and how to develop corporate strategic thinking. When we think of negotiations, we tend to focus on the hard negotiating skills connected with bargaining. In fact, many professional negotiators will confirm that the most important skill is effective relationship building.

Учебен план на курса

Unit 1
Linking Words In English – Reasons And Results 00:30:00
Unit 2
Review 1 00:45:00
Unit 3
Meeting details and negotiation skills 00:30:00
Watch and Learn 1 00:15:00
Unit 4
Preparing to negotiate 00:45:00
Unit 5
The successful negotiator 00:30:00
Watch and Learn 2 00:15:00
Review 2 00:45:00
Unit 6
Opening the negotiation 00:45:00
Formal communication and agenda specification 00:30:00
Unit 7
Involving others 00:45:00
Getting to know the other side 00:30:00
Watch and Learn 3 00:15:00
Watch and learn 3.1 00:05:00
Unit 8
Review 3 00:45:00
Unit 9
Making proposals 00:45:00
Proposals 00:30:00
Watch and Learn 4 00:15:00
Watch and learn 4.1 00:04:00
Unit 10
Business manners 00:30:00
Unit 11
Review 4 00:45:00
Unit 12
A new offer 00:30:00
Unit 13
Multicultural leadership 00:30:00
Unit 14
Review 5 00:45:00
Unit 15
Dealing with deadlock and more negotiation tactics 00:30:00
Watch and Learn 5 00:15:00
Unit 16
How to create a win-win scenario 00:30:00
Unit 17
Review 6 00:45:00
Unit 18
Reaching agreement 00:45:00
Agreement 00:30:00
Unit 19
Concluding the deal 00:45:00
Building the golden bridge 00:30:00
Unit 20
Review 7 00:45:00
Business English for Negotiating Test 00:20:00

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