Слушане с разбиране – Английски език B1

Listening Exercise

Слушане с разбиране

Read and listen about John and his hobby:


My favourite hobby is cooking, and that’s a thing you do at home, obviously. I cook most days, though not every day. We also like eating out, you see. What clothes and equipment do I need? Uh, well, I always wear a chef’s apron to protect my clothes, because you can make a mess when you’re cooking, and tomatoes and spices change the colour of your clothes forever! The most important piece of equipment is knives. I’m very fussy about my knives. They’re German and very sharp, and I really look after them. Obviously, in the kitchen, you need all sorts of things like pots and pans and casserole dishes and chopping boards and food mixers, but I don’t really have a lot of gadgets. I like to keep things simple. What I like about cooking is the fact that it’s creative and it’s real. We have to eat, and what we eat is really important, so I like to know that what I’m eating, and what my family is eating, is good. I actually like all the preparation. Going out shopping, seeing the food, feeling it, smelling it, talking to the people who are selling it, is half the fun. People often ask me what I like cooking, and I don’t really have an answer. Whatever looks good, and whatever I feel like cooking that day. The best bit is, of course, seeing people enjoy my food, but what’s also very important to me is seeing everyone happy, and enjoying being at the table. It’s about the occasion as much as the food.

Some state verbs can be used in the Present Continuous.


(think)  think you’re right. (opinion)

                 We‘re thinking of going to the cinema. (activity)


(have)    She has a lot of money. (possession)

                 She‘s having a bad day. (activity)


The soup tastes awful.

I‘m tasting the soup, to see if it needs more salt.

He weighs 65 kilos.

He‘s weighing his bag, to see how heavy it is.

Повече уроци и упражнения можете да откриете в нашите курсове по английски език!

Слушане с разбиране – Речник

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